Tuesday, September 15, 2015


“Appehuli” – Thinking of the name itself creates a temptation in me!. Appehuli an authentic havyaka dish. Any meal, may it be during a wedding or any other occasion, without appehuli is said to be incomplete. It’s prepared mostly during the summer because of the availability of mango the king of fruits. Other seasons too, some houses are blessed to relish this appehuli by making use of the stored mango concentrate. This dish goes well both with white rice or you can just drink it. On a lighter note, during occasions I have heard people say - "oh! I had good meal today. Let me have two glasses of appehuli and sleep well"! :)

My mom-in-law is an expert in doing this mango extract. During the season she collects all the mangoes from our backyard and makes the extract and packs them in individual bottles. We get these bottles while coming to Bangalore and then enjoy the appehuli during the offseason as well! :)

There are different methods followed to prepare this appehuli and here is how I prepare it. This method is very easy and less time consuming.

1 Raw Mango (preferably a sour one!)
Green Chilies
Red Chilies & 2 glasses of water
Pinch of Asafoetida
4 tea spoons Oil(preferably coconut oil)
1 tea spoon Mustard

·         Pressure cook the mango for about 2 whistles and allow it to cool.
·         Once it’s cooled, Squeeze the mango in about 3 cups of water and take off the skin. You can remove the seed as well. I usually keep it.
·         Now to this water add crushed green chilies and salt to taste.
·         Tempering: Heat oil in a pan. Soon as the oil is hot enough add mustard and once it sputters, add red chillies and asafoetida and season to the ready squeezed mixture. Appe huli is now ready to be served.

Idea: Once it’s ready, I usually filter it in a tea strainer and then keep it in the refrigerator for an hour and have it. I love this way coz. I don’t get mustard seeds when I drink(I just need the aroma) and then its chilled too! Try this, and I am sure you will love it!! 


  1. Nice one Divya. Give garlic task a instead asaephoitada-gives another punch

  2. nice but how can we get mango yaar

  3. lovely thought and yummy Appe Huli..we too love it..Keep blogging and all the best Divya Shushrutha...

  4. Sitaram sir, Silviya, Umesh sir, & Nalini Mam Thankyou so much! :-)

  5. Wow.. would like to try making it... :-)

  6. Thammana muddina hendthi,,,,,neer gojju nanna all time favourite!!!Hoping to see many more yummy recipes,,,,all the best!!