Saturday, September 26, 2015


I watched this recipe in one of the cookery shows and since then my hands have been itching to try this recipe and blog about it! I was skeptical about the final output but thankfully the result is very satisfying! :). This sweet has its origin from South part of Karnataka. Since this sweet resembles the flower Champak/Magnolia champaca its called “Sampige Moggu” sweet in Kannada which means ‘champak bud’.

The dough required for this sweet preparation is similar to that of Badam Puri recipe. The ‘designing’ part is slightly different.

Here is the pictorial reference how to roll the dough. Make tiny chapatis. Using a knife cut the chapatis into tiny slits. Roll it and seal the other end. Deep fry in oil and soak it in sugar syrup for about five minutes.

Serve once it’s cold.

View of the sweet in the form of flower.

Try it and I am sure you will also like it! :) Take care!

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